A Cantonese rice is a fried rice dish, served with strips of pork, mixed vegetables and egg omelettes.

The pork, fried separately and incorporated in the form of strips, can be replaced by strips of beef, poultry, chicken or duck. Vegetables like peas, diced carrots, bean sprouts can also be incorporated into the rice. Originally, an egg was added to the preparation, broken directly in the pan and not cooked separately as an omelet and added afterwards.

The history of Cantonese rice is linked to that of rice cultivation in southern China. The earliest version of Cantonese rice dates back to the Sui dynasty (6th-7th centuries). The frying technique dates back to the Ming dynasty in the 14th century. It is called “stir-fried rice” in China and is not exclusive to the Canton area.

Easy to prepare, nutritious and tasty, it is ideal as a side dish for meats or as a main course.

Difficulty level : easy
Prep time : 15 min
Rest time :
Cook time : 30 min
Total time : 45 min
Yield : 6 servings
2 shallots
2 eggs
2 slices white ham
2 cups baby shrimps
1/3 cup dried Chinese black mushrooms
1 cup peas
1/2 cube of vegetable broth
2.2 cups basmati rice
3 tbsp. soy sauce

Steps :

  • Soak the black mushrooms in a little hot water for 10 min.
  • Drain and cut into thin strips.
  • Brown the chopped shallots in a pan.
  • Add the rice to the shallots and sauté a little until the grains become translucent.
  • Put in a casserole dish and add the water for cooking (as much rice as water).
  • Add the vegetable stock cube to the cooking water, the cut black mushrooms and cook everything.
  • In a frying pan, cook the eggs as an omelet.
  • After cooking, roll the omelet and cut it on a board into thin strips.
  • Put aside.
  • Cook the peas in a little water for 15 minutes and set aside.
  • Cut the 2 slices of ham into thin strips and set aside.
  • Once the rice is cooked, gather and mix all the ingredients set aside with the rice in a pan.
  • Add a little oil, parsley and soy sauce. Season.
  • Let come back and mix from time to time.
  • Add a little chopped cilantro just before serving.
  • Enjoy !

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